2017 National Championship

The Championships held in Devonport Tasmania have come to a close.

Congratulations to all the members of the Queensland Team that fought hard for their state.  On behalf of myself, Elise Dunstan and Janet Stockel, thank you for all your support this year as your liaison officers.

Queensland managed a respectable third in the Jack Gore Trophy Standings and Fourth in the Bill Newman Trophy Standings.

Congratulations to the winners of medals from Queensland for this year:

Men's Pairs - Errol Weir, Ryan Wiegand.
Third  medal in a row - Bronze, Silver now Gold.

Ladies Triples - Diane Knight, Cathy Young, Lois Norton.

Junior Boys - Max Evans.

Ladies Singles - Sheree Lowry.

Men's Triples - Bradley Stoker, Kyle French, Haydn Weir, Ian Long (Sub),
Sixth Medal in a row for Haydn, Silver, Gold, Gold in Juniors, and Gold, Gold and now Bronze in Senior level. 
Third Medal in a row for Kyle and Bradley, Gold, Gold and now Bronze.

Mixed Pairs - David Blyth , Monique Weir.

Final 2017 National Championships Results

Restricted Pairs

Hosted by Nambour:
Open Winners: Callide Valley (Robin and Jenny Cruikshank)
Open Runners Up: Toowoomba (Errol and Kaylene Weir)
Consolation Winners: Dalby (Dulcie Casey and Deborah Wenham)
Consolation Runners Up: Nambour (Janet Stockel and Nelson Thomas)

Australia vs NZ Test Match

New Zealand retained the Henselite Trophy at Mounties when defeating Australia 41-25

While Australia were still in the match heading into the final day, New Zealand dominated the opening session with only the Men's Fours able to get across the line.  Australia then needed to win every game in the final session to get the unlikely victory, but unfortunately were unable to do so.

Congratulations to Queensland's debutants Kyle French and Haydn Weir in the successful Men's Fours team managing the clean sweep but unable to get across the line in the Triples.  Carmel and David Blyth came up against New Zealand legend Grant L'Ami in the Mixed Fours and then probably New Zealand's best player currently Ashley Diamond in the Mixed 8 Bowl Pairs.  Although they couldn't get across the line, just like the Men's Triples, they made their opposition fight to earn the win in very hard fought matches.

Congratulations to all members  of the Australian Team on a great week and taking it to the kiwis. Although they got the win, all the matches were played in the right spirit.

On a sad note, Tony Simpson, Australian Captain, has announced his retirement. I am sure I speak for Haydn as well when I say it was a pleasure and honor to play with a legend.

Australia will get their next shot at the Matt Blacks in Invercargil in two years time.   Watch out Matt Blacks – we are only going to get better!

Day 1: New Zealand 12, Australia 10
Day 2: New Zealand 12, Australia 10
Day 3: New Zealand 17, Australia 5
Aggregate: New Zealand 41, Australia 25
Results: NZ Names first (Australasian Medals decided in brackets)
Men’s Singles: Ashley Diamond (NZ) bt George Draffen (Aus) 24-23, 29-18, 28-12 (NZ);
Women’s Singles: Teri Anderson (NZ) lost Jodie Jones (Aus) 21-22, 22-24, 25-15 (AUS);
Men’s Fours: Simon Thomas (s), Gary Low, Grant Rayner, Daniel French (NZ) lost Tony Simpson (s), Simon Zaporozec, Kyle French, Hayden Weir (Aus) 10-22, 12-13, 18-27 (AUS);
Women’s Fours: Lois Randall (s), Linda McCurdy, Sheree Holmes, Denise Clarkson (NZ) beat Monika Korn (s), Anne Draffen, Julie Zaporozec, Meredith Norton 8-18, 19-11, 34-10 (NZ);
Mixed Fours: Grant l’Ami (s), Paul Smith, Fiona Keegan, Suzanne Mackie (NZ) bt David Blyth (s), Ian Ogilvie, Carmel Blyth, Barbara Hill (Aus) 23-7, 13-11, 17-13 (NZ)
Men’s Pairs: Grant l‘Ami (s), Paul Smith (NZ) bt Tony Simpson (s), Simon Zaporozec (Aus) 16-15 25-23, 22-10 (NZ);
Women’s Pairs: Fiona Keegan (s), Suzanne Mackie (NZ) lost Monika Korn (s), Anne Draffen (Aus) 7-29, 12-14, 19-20 (AUS);
Mixed 8-Bowl Pairs: Ashley Diamond (s), Sheree Holmes (NZ) bt David Blyth (s), Carmel Blyth (Aus) 32-11, 22-12, 19-17 (NZ);
Mixed 6-Bowl Pairs: Grant Rayner (s), Teri Anderson (NZ) drew Ian Ogilvie (s), Jodie Jones (Aus) 25-14, 20-24, 17-17 (NZ on a countback);
Men’s Triples: Simon Thomas (s), Gary Low, Daniel French (NZ) bt Kyle French (s), George Draffen, Hayden Weir (Aus) 24-15, 27-19, 26-20 (NZ);
Women’s Triples: Lois Randall (s), Linda McCurdy, Denise Clarkson (NZ) lost Julie Zaporozec (s), Meredith Norton, Barbara Hill (Aus) 18-25, 15-17, 21-14 (AUS).


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Arnie Donaldson Memorial 5 Game Day - Sunday 29th October 2017 - Laidley
Arnie Donaldson Memorial - Flyer

2017 October State Titles - 20th to 22nd October 2017 - Pittsworth
2017 October State Title Flyer
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